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Asbestos surveys and consultancy throughout the UK

PAC Asbestos Surveys Ltd is an established business, with offices in Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire. Paul Crane, business founder, offers the expertise of independent, specialist services that are undertaken by fully qualified experienced surveyors who will assist you in your legal duty to manage asbestos in your premises.

A Trusted Company

PAC Asbestos Surveys provide services to meet all your asbestos management needs. With offices in Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire, PAC covers the whole of the UK.


Mr Alker, Leeds; " Very professional service & great communication, kept me informed of progress - fast efficient service"

T.Matejak Bradford; "Thank you Paul, I would not hesitate to recommend or call you if required"

Mr Calverley Huddersfield: "Thanks for all your help and advice today"

Asbestos Services Include:

Low cost 24 hour sample service
Management Surveys
Pre-refurbishment surveys
Demolition surveys
Homeowners Surveys
Prospective Purchasers Surveys
Asbestos consultancy
Asbestos removal quotes
Asbestos related queries
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About Asbestos

‘Asbestos-related diseases kill more people than road traffic accidents in the UK each year’. (www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-18456555) There are statutory requirements in place regarding non-domestic premises and employers, to ensure that people are protected from asbestos. There are no legal requirements for homeowners to have asbestos surveys, however recent reports suggest that it is advisable. Click the image above for more information.

Why Use Us?

We offer fully qualified experienced surveyors who will assist you in your legal duty to manage asbestos in your premises. We operate Nationwide with the flexibility to work evenings and weekends to suite your needs.
PAC are qualified, insured and belong to the authorised bodies in the field:

BOHS membership
Full liability insurance
P402 qualified surveyors

What Next?

Call PAC Asbestos Surveys for an initial chat about your potential requirements on (Manchester) 0161 327 0153 or (Halifax) 01422 324760 or e-mail by clicking here

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Trust in PAC Asbestos Surveys . Operating in the UK

We are often asked a range of asbestos survey related questions, you can find some of the answer to these asbestos questions below. If you have any other questions about asbestos surveys and your role, please contact us.

Asbestos Surveys F.A.Q

An Asbestos Survey allows you to effectively manage asbestos in your building, premises or home by providing accurate information about the location, amount and type of any asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). The person in charge for maintenance (in relation to to non-domestic properties) must either arrange an asbestos survey if ACM's are suspected within your premises or, you may instead choose to assume the waste case scenario that there is widespread ACM's in the premises and you would then need to take all appropriate action for any work that takes place.

We always state that it is much easier to have an in-depth asbestos survey carried out to determine whether asbestos is present and the condition of this within the premises.

An in-depth asbestos survey can help provide enough information so that an asbestos register, risk assessment and management plan can be prepared and implemented.

The Asbestos Survey usually involves taking samples and analysing these to determine if the presence of ACM's exist. We fully recommend that only fully competent and qualified asbestos surveyors handle asbestos surveys so that all legal requirements are met and adhered to.

An asbestos survey will identify:

- The precise location of any asbestos-containing materials in the premises

- The type, or types, of asbestos they contain

- The Condition of these materials

After an asbestos survey has been completed the surveyor will then produce a report detailing the exact findings and recommendations.. This information can help you prepare an asbestos risk register.

There is no one cost fits all policy for determining how much an asbestos survey costs. However the cost of an asbestos surveys depends on the following factors.


The first variable is the size of the premises which we need to survey.This is not as straightforward as it sounds as you could have a small two three storey office block which costs more than a large industrial unit.

The main reason for this is when a asbestos survey companies carry out an asbestos survey all surveyors have to detail every room and space, and assign each individual space it's own unique reference number so that everything can be tracked and reported correctly.

Therefore a large industrial unit may only be one space (or room) and a large three story office block could end up being over 30-50 individual rooms.

So the time required to carry out the asbestos survey on the smaller building may be longer.


If your office block was built in 1995 it will probably require less sampling than a block built in 1960. Older premises built at the height of ‘asbestos use,’ often by default, contain more asbestos.

Also a factor is the amount and type of asbestos products present on the site. If every room has floor tiles and an ‘Artex’ type textured coating, more samples will need to be taken which affects the cost.


The asbestos survey company you approach may need to travel a long way to get to your site or they may be local. They could also be a large company with bigger overheads than a smaller company with less outgoings.

Type of Survey

We have a dedicated question and answer to this question below, however I will touch on briefly as it is an important factor when understand asbestos survey costs. The type of asbestos survey that you need will also dictate the asbestos survey cost. A asbestos management survey usually costs less than a refurbishment or demolition asbestos survey. A refurbishment/demolition asbestos survey is more invasive and therefore takes more time and cost.

Other issues which may also affect the price will be things such as how quickly you need the report, will you need ongoing support to ensure you comply with the findings and have to put into effect procedures to manage asbestos going forward

There are some handy tips to help keep the costs down:

- Always keep a record of ALL previous asbestos surveys, asbestos remedial or removal work carried out.

- Have a good set of drawn building plans.

- Keep the building in a good condition and ensure the surveyor can easily access all areas.

The correct asbestos surveyor will help ensure costs are kept to a minimum, but as in life you get what you pay for, so you need to factor in experience, qualifications, speed and the service and support on offer.

The purpose of an asbestos survey is to help a duty holder manage the asbestos on their premises. Asbestos surveys are required to provide sufficient information for: an asbestos register and plan of action to be prepared, a suitable risk assessment of the work that needs to be carried out and a written plan of action to allow duty holders to manage the risk to be produced.

In most cases, an asbestos survey will have three main aims:

• it must locate and record the location, extent and product type of all presumed or known ACMs, as far as reasonably practicable; • It must inspect and record any useful information on the accessibility, condition and surface treatment of all known or presumed ACMs; • it should also determine and record all asbestos types, either by sample collection or making a presumption based on the appearance of the product etc.

In the duty to manage requirement in the CAR 2012 regulation 4, it states that materials are allowed to be ‘presumed’ to contain an asbestos product. Therefore, in the carrying out of an asbestos survey, materials can be presumed to contain asbestos and there for two levels of ‘presumption’:

1. Strong Presumption: This case is for materials that look as if they are ACM or might contain asbestos. Surveyors are allowed to reach this conclusion through visual inspection alone, as long as they are familiar with a range of asbestos products. Example of where a ‘strong presumption’ is made are:

• where it has been confirmed in a lab analysis that asbestos is present in a similar construction material; • if a material is known to commonly contain asbestos in the manufacturing of a product (eg corrugated cement roof and wall sheeting, cement gutters and drainpipes, cement water tanks, ceiling tiles, insulating boards); • where materials surveyed have the appearance of asbestos but no sample is taken.

2. A ‘Default’ Situation: This case us for materials that are presumed to contain asbestos due to lack of evidence (eg no analysis) to confirm there is no asbestos present. Or where the duty holder or surveyor has decided that It is easier to presume certain materials contain asbestos under the planned management arrangements. This means that many non-asbestos materials will also be presumed to contain asbestos, even if they don’t, using this system. This default applies to areas that cannot be easily accessed or inspected. In this situation, any area not accessed or inspected must be presumed to contain asbestos unless there is strong evidence that it does not.

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With offices in Manchester and Halifax, we are less than an hour away from most major towns and cities. We offer Leeds Asbestos Surveys, Bradford Asbestos Surveys, Halifax Asbestos Surveys, Huddersfield Asbestos Surveys, Wakefield Asbestos Surveys, Oldham Asbestos Surveys, Rochdale Asbestos Surveys, Manchester Asbestos Surveys, and Sheffield Asbestos Surveys