Our Services

PAC Asbestos Surveys can undertake a survey of your premises to assist you in the management of asbestos.  A survey will provide you with accurate information on the location and amount of asbestos including the condition of asbestos-containing materials.  It is important to note that the survey is not the end point in managing asbestos.

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PAC Asbestos Surveys  will provide you with a written comprehensible usable report, which will detail whether remedial action is required.

Our services include the following:

Management Survey

This is a standard survey to locate and as far as reasonably practicable identify the presence and location of Asbestos in the building which could be damaged or disturbed during normal occupancy.  Areas inspected should include underfloor coverings, above false ceilings, lofts, inside risers, service ducts, lift shafts, basements, cellars, undergrounds rooms etc.

Pre-Refurbishment/Demolition Survey

This type of survey is required prior to any works which will disturb the fabric of the building.  This is a disruptive and intrusive survey which involves breaking through walls and partitions and to open up floors.  The aim is to identify where practical all asbestos in the premises which needs to be removed prior to demolition or refurbishment work being carried out.  The survey report should be used to help in the tendering process for the removal of asbestos.


A re-inspection is carried out as a follow up to the surveys detailed above and is used to monitor previously identified Asbestos materials as part of the legally required management of Asbestos.

Service for Homeowners/Prospective Purchasers

PAC Asbestos Surveys can offer you the above surveys to ensure that you are fully aware of where Asbestos is located in your property/potential property; its current state / quantity and what measures you may need to take to protect yourself prior to DIY or major refurbishments.

If you are an individual or a company who needs an homebuyers survey, we will carry out a comprehensive asbestos survey on the premises.

24 hour Sampling Service for Home/Business

We can attend your premises to obtain samples, which are them taken to the UKAS Accredited Laboratories, and have a certified result within 24 hours. Once sample results are available we will then be able to confirm whether the material contains asbestos or not, and if so what type. The result certificate can then be sent to you immediately by email.

Contact PAC Asbestos Surveys for advice on what type of service is most appropriate.