How Much Does An Asbestos Survey Cost?

You need to make sure your home is free from dangerous asbestos materials and hire a qualified professional to carry out an asbestos survey. To find out more about how much asbestos surveys cost, please continue reading.

Asbestos Survey Cost Summary

On average, the cost of an asbestos survey is £250 and you are most likely to spend between £160 and £400 total depending on the size of the area being surveyed. For an exact price, we need to know the area you are based in and the size of the property.

How Much Does An Asbestos Survey Cost?

There is no one cost fits all policy for determining how much an asbestos survey costs. However, the cost of an asbestos survey depends on the following factors.


The first variable is the size of the premises which we need to survey. This is not as straightforward as it sounds as you could have a small two three-storey office block which costs more than a large industrial unit.

The main reason for this is when an asbestos survey companies carry out an asbestos survey all surveyors have to detail every room and space and assign each individual space it’s own unique reference number so that everything can be tracked and reported correctly.

Therefore a large industrial unit may only be one space (or room) and a large three-story office block could end up being over 30-50 individual rooms.

So the time required to carry out the asbestos survey on the smaller building may be longer.


If your office block was built in 1995 it will probably require less sampling than a block built in 1960. Older premises built at the height of ‘asbestos use,’ often by default, contain more asbestos.

Also, a factor is the amount and type of asbestos products present on the site. If every room has floor tiles and an ‘Artex’ type textured coating, more samples will need to be taken which affects the cost.


The asbestos survey company you approach may need to travel a long way to get to your site or they may be local. They could also be a large company with bigger overheads than a smaller company with fewer outgoings.

Type of Survey

We have a dedicated question and answer to this question below, however, I will touch on briefly as it is an important factor when understanding asbestos survey costs. The type of asbestos survey that you need will also dictate the asbestos survey cost. An asbestos management survey usually costs less than a refurbishment or demolition asbestos survey. A refurbishment/demolition asbestos survey is more invasive and therefore takes more time and cost.

Other issues which may also affect the price will be things such as how quickly you need the report, will you need ongoing support to ensure you comply with the findings and have to put into effect procedures to manage asbestos going forward

There are some handy tips to help keep the costs down:

– Always keep a record of ALL previous asbestos surveys, asbestos remedial or removal work carried out.

– Have a good set of drawn building plans.

– Keep the building in a good condition and ensure the surveyor can easily access all areas.

The correct asbestos surveyor will help ensure costs are kept to a minimum, but as in life, you get what you pay for, so you need to factor in experience, qualifications, speed and the service and support on offer.