Salford Residents Told to Remain Indoors as Former Lucozade Factory Containing Asbestos is Demolished

According to bosses and the council, the risk of exposure to harmful asbestos but this is contradicted by the fact they are bringing in specialist cleaners to clean up the area surrounding the factory.

Last week, the former Lucozade factory located in Salford was destroyed by an enormous fire and it has now been confirmed that the factory will be demolished.

Residents in the Little Hulton area have been warned that they should keep all of their doors and windows closed while demolition work takes place as fears over asbestos exposure increases.

While the building was burning, fragments of asbestos were said to have been seen drifting from the roof and flying around the area. The potentially dangerous material landed on the homes of residents in the area surrounding the factory.

People living in the area have expressed their concern over the safety of the area as authorities aren’t cleaning the fragments up fast enough.

Salford Council conducted investigations immediately following the fire and confirmed that the risk to health in regard to the asbestos fragments was ‘low’ and that they would do a deep clean of the area.

A representative said: “The company owners are working to appoint specialist demolition contractors to remove the building.

“We expect this to start later this week.

“As a precaution, we recommend that you keep your windows and doors closed while the demolition takes place and keep pets away from the warehouse site.”

The council continued to say that that “no fibres were found in the air and more air quality tests will also be carried out after the demolition.”

They added: “This confirms that the risk to health is low and there is unlikely to be any significant exposure to asbestos.

“However, as a precautionary measure, it is sensible that any asbestos-containing debris is carefully removed.”

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